All Voice Talent Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre ProtExPlan Remediare Söldner-X Himmelstürmmer The Place YouGrow
All Voice Talent

A Drupal-driven site for a local voice talent agency. Major features include HTML5 audio (with a Flash player fallback), a wishlist and support for mobile devices.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre runs a Drupal-based website to cater to its international clientele.

Major features include an event management system, bilingual content, extensive maps, newsletter subscription with third-party integration and a historical timeline.


ProtExPlan is a Drupal-driven site to compliment its international healthcare insurance program and to serve its clients.

Major features include an extensive content management system, support for hierarchical articles, and a custom-built form linked to their insurance software.


Remediare uses the Drupal content management system to supplement its Hong Kong-based business consultancy.

This is a vanilla Drupal site with a custom, corporate template.

Söldner-X Himmelsstürmer

Söldner-X Himmelsstürmer is a side-scrolling video game for the Playstation 3™ and the PC.

The site was developed in Joomla and supports the gamer community. Major features include high-score tracking, in-game messaging, serial key authentication and embeddable "dog tags".

The Place

The Place is the official site of the Parkmen Management Group and its various establishments.

The site was built in Drupal and supports a comprehensive event management system with RSS and iCal support, outlet menus, photo slideshows and video galleries.


YouGrow is a Hong Kong-based business support agency with web, print and digital strategy divisions.

The site was built in Drupal and supports a showcase and a quotation-request system.